Kung Fu Panda Hoops

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Kung Fu Panda Hoops ; Kung Fu Panda Hoops is a cartoon basketball game is also known as Kung fu Hoops Madness. Play with Po for your best hero hoops! To play basketball with PO (panda) is funny for kids. This online basketball game has perfect graphics we hope you like! Use mouse to kung fu basketball against to Po. Have fun for real life team sport: basketball!

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uye-img Writer : Tierra Butler Bryant - Date of comment: 3 years before

hi i am playing kung fu hoops and it is so much fun:)

uye-img Writer : deez nutz - Date of comment: 3 years before

deez nutz

uye-img Writer : Hugh Janus - Date of comment: 3 years before

This game is so fun! Love the movie, too!

uye-img Writer : lashawn simpkins - Date of comment: 3 years before

your game is so made