3 Point Shootout

3 Point Shootout
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3 Point Shootout ; 3 Point Shootout is featured 3D basketball hoops game which has intense graphics! Kids are able to make shootouts on moving basketball hoop at 53 seconds. In this basketball shootout game, basket pod is stands, but after a little time it is moving to right and left and so to make baskets is harder. To make basket shootout, use your mouse; click ball and hold, move your mouse forward for power, then release the button of mouse to shootout! Regular shots are 2 points worth, bonus ball shots are 3 points worth! After every 25 points of your score, 10 seconds will be added to your clock. For achievement, use your mouse carefully and use your time effectively! In the last 20 seconds, overtime mode starts. In this mode, regular shots are 3 points worth and bonus ball is 6 points worth. Score as many shootouts as you can within your limited time! Have fun for real life team sport: Basketball!

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